Why I'll Never Stop Learning | Whidbey Island Family Photographer

I figured out early on in this photography journey that there is no finish line. Which is as exhilarating as it is frustrating. No one is going to give me a certificate that I can hang on my wall that reads "You did it! Goal achieved!" And I am totally fine with that, (although I would love a good inspirational cat poster - that would definitely make me feel like a winner!).

There is ALWAYS more to learn. The rules and technical possibilities of photography are pretty much endless. And while I feel good about where I'm at in my journey, and absolutely feel like the luckiest person alive to say that my job is to photograph families on Whidbey Island, I also have to keep investing in myself to ensure that I continue to grow, find my voice, and prevent burnout. 

Which is why I've been seriously pinching myself the past few weeks as I learned from my ultimate photographer crush (we all have them, it's not weird I promise) - Summer Murdock. Her "Magic of Light" course offered through the Illuminate Classes is seriously a hot ticket. Like hotter-than-Hamilton-tickets-hot. I've tried for the past year to get into her class, and was lucky enough to snag a seat for the May run. 

And let me tell you - it did NOT disappoint! My mind was blown over and over again as Summer broke down the beauty and infinite possibilities of light, teaching both the technical rules of light and how to create crazy-beautiful-yummy-light images over and over again (and not just by chance which is often what I do!). And don't even get me started on the Zone System. Like really, don't, because I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it.

Even though the class is now over, I have so much work to do to grasp everything that Summer shared. She is an amazing and caring teacher and I am so grateful for the time and energy she spends giving her all to her students. I can't wait to get to work practicing everything she taught me again, and again, and again. And when I finally get a hang of the rules, to start breaking them. 

Here are a few shots that Emma and Sophie graciously helped me create as I worked on an assignment for class. I was working on creating images with rim light (that yummy glow around the hair and arms), haze, flare, and post-sunset images (backlit and front-lit). We started at Jospeh Whidbey Park and ended at Rocky Point Beach at low tide. The shots of them playing on the beach were just for fun while I waited for the sun to set. And yes, the girls were bribed with their very first DQ Blizzard and I got one too and it was amazing. I even got in a few shots because Ryan (daddy) came along as well. He wasn't going to miss a chance for a Blizzard! 

Thanks for following along friends. May we never lose the desire to learn new things.