Mama and Me Mini Sessions | Whidbey Island Family Photographer

Every year right before Mother's Day, I offer Mama & Me mini sessions. My only "minis" of the year, these sessions are for moms who want new pictures with their babies to capture their kiddos as little as they'll ever be again.

I often get a few moms who treat themselves for Mother's Day, as well as a few mamas who just want updated family pictures. Mamas who are solo parenting while their other half is away for six months on a deployment, but who still want pictures to capture this chapter in their family's story. 

No matter the reason, I absolutely love these sessions and I love these women. Some are old friends and some are new, but they all deserve to see how much their children love them. And now they can - every day - since each mama walks away with a gorgeous framed print to hang up in her home. 

It's easy as moms to forget to get in the frame with our kids. But here's proof why it's so important.