The Last Days as Three | Whidbey Island Family Photographer

This session took me back a few years, to when we had a baby (Sophie) and were about to have another baby (Emma). Watching Katelyn and Nathan love on their sweet boy brought back the memories of bring a first-time mom, when everything is new and sweet and cherished. I remember worrying that I might not be able to make enough room in my already bursting heart for another baby. But I was so wrong. 

Each of my daughters is such a blessing, and each teach me something new - in their own unique way - every day. When Sophie was born, I became a mother. The years of struggling with infertility were finally, blessedly over. When Emma was born I became a parent, a multi-tasker, a swirling tornado of humility. Being a mother is a wonderful daily reminder that I am not in charge. I try my best, give what I have to give, and start over in grace the next day.

As this sweet family welcomes their new baby home in a few weeks, I pray that they see the grace in this fresh start. That they are giving the greatest blessing in the world to their little boy. A sister.