Twice the Reason to Celebrate | Whidbey Island Homecoming Photographer

This was such a special day to document. 

As Heather rolled into the hanger (looking flawless) with her two babies, you could instantly see how happy she was. This was going to be a GOOD day. Because not only was she getting her amazing husband home, but there was also going to be another set of hands around! Ha! As an Auntie to twins, watching my sister with her kiddos has given me the greatest respect in the world for parents of twins. 

Heather is a rockstar mama. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She is a bright, intelligent, and kind woman. And she is filled with grace, which she passed my way while I hustled to finish a homecoming just five minutes before Stewart landed. It was a crazy beautiful day, filled with the joy of Easter and the excitement of a family made whole again. 

Stewart and Heather won the first kiss off the plane, so he had the whole flight line to himself as he walked, then ran, towards his family. With a baby in each arm, Heather patiently waited for Stewart to reach them and throw his arms around his whole world. He gently kissed each baby's head with his bushy mustache and then in his southern accent said, "Gimme those babies!" 

To know the Black family is to love them. Please lift them up in your prayers and help welcome them back home, together again.