Being Made Whole Again | Whidbey Island Homecoming Photographer

Raising three amazing, rambunctious young boys is no easy task. Three bright boys who love as hard as they play. Three sensitive boys who miss hugging their daddy goodnight. And yet, my sweet friend Arielle rose to the occasion each and every day while her husband Dustin did his job for his country halfway around the world.

Because that's what you do when you're a military spouse. You try your best day in and day out, even as schedules change and control slips through your fingers. You put on a smile, lean on friends, and then turn around and let them lean on you. 

This beautiful family has finally been reunited - made whole again - and they will cherish each and every day they have together. They count their blessings and make new memories that will carry them through the next separation. 

You're simply amazing Arielle. Thanks to you, Dustin, and the boys for your service.