The Last Days of Summer | Whidbey Island Family Photographer

Oh man, this family right here is one of my absolute faves. I photographed Kara and Mike just after they got engaged, (it was one of my first sessions), and the experience seriously lit a fire under me to keep going. We've been lucky enough to be stationed together several times - first in Hawaii, then Texas, and now Washington. 

Their time on Whidbey Island may be brief as they finish a tour after transitioning bases and aircrafts, but they are truly making the most of their experience here. Kara wanted their family pictures to capture the feeling of living in Washington, and I think you can definitely tell that we are not in Hawaii anymore!  

The boys were rockstars, and took full advantage of all the climbing and throwing opportunities that Deception Pass State Park offers. My girls wanted to come along to the session when they learned I was taking pictures of "big brother" and "little brother," as they call the boys. In fact, every time we hang with the boys they ask me to have a baby brother. Hmmmm.

We're obviously all loving our time with the Lynch fam, and I hope this session brings back great memories of their time here in the Pacific Northwest. Love you guys!