A Night on the Family Farm | Oak Harbor, WA Family Photographer

When my family and I moved to Whidbey Island three years ago, we were new to Washington, new to the island, and new to the community. We bought (and built) our first house, I started my business, and Ryan switched over from operational to full-time reserve work with the Navy. So yeah, it was a lot. But God smiled on me by dropping us next door to the best neighbors (and friends) a girl could ask for. 

Anyone who knows the Shepley family knows what gracious and kind people they are. We loved living next door to them, but as Julee and Dillon expanded their family, they knew their hearts were leading them towards finding a bigger home, with land and plenty of space for their kids to roam free and play. 

And man, did they ever find the most perfect home! Their property has a chicken coop, a pond for their ducks, tons of thick blackberry bushes for the boys to nibble on, and gorgeous weeping willows with branches perfect for swinging. 

It really is the perfect place to raise a family. And I feel so lucky to have documented this amazing family in the place they now call home.