A Sweet Morning Newborn Session | Oak Harbor, WA Newborn Photographer

When I first met and worked with Morgan and Nick, they had just found out that they were expecting. And with all the anticipation and delight that comes with that wonderful, life-changing news, they wanted to embrace and document the chapter of their lives when it was still just two. We shot a beautiful couples session at Bowman Bay, and I watched these two amazing souls melt into each other. It was so lovely, and honest, and beautiful. 

And now, 9+ months later, there are three. Three souls connected in love. Woven together with new pages yet to be written in their family's story. Samuel has joined them at last. Their precious baby boy. And both Morgan and Nick spend hours and hours counting his fingers and toes, holding him close, staring down at his perfect little face.

Not only because they are so very much in love (all over again), but also because Nick deploys again, and soon. By the time these three are reunited, their precious boy will be a much larger bundle of joyous, bouncing, smiling, laughing, loving energy. 

And they will pick back up where this moment left off. Three strands woven back together again.