Morgan + Nick | Oak Harbor, WA Family Photographer

What a treat it was to finally work with Morgan and Nick. I say finally because I was originally supposed to shoot Nick's homecoming back in December, but once we arrived at the hanger we learned that the plane had to turn around and would be coming home a few days later. My heart broke for Morgan and all the other families who had to tack on a few more days to the months and months they'd already been apart from their loved ones. 

But that's what you do when you love someone in the military - you adapt. You realize that neither you nor they are in charge of the comings and goings, and so you try your hardest to cherish the time you have together. That's what this session was all about. It was a "re-do" from the homecoming, but also a chance for Morgan and Nick to just love each other, hold each other, and document this moment in their lives together. 

Besides enjoying some time at home, this year has many blessings in store for this beautiful couple. It won't just be the two of them anymore, as Morgan and Nick excitedly await the arrival of their first child later this year. A child who will be so blessed to call these two "Mom" and "Dad."