A Gorgeous Newborn Lifestyle Session | Anacortes, WA Newborn Photographer

Have you ever had an “aha!” moment? Like when you finally figure out that this – THIS – is what you’ve been trying to do? And everything sort of changes? This lifestyle session did that for me.

Let me be honest. I used to turn down newborn sessions. All the time. I thought newborn photography had to always be the stunning, posed composite shots with babies who appeared to be hanging from a tree or something. Which is gorgeous, and you have to be a complete rockstar to pull it off. But when I tried to pose the babies and do what I thought I “should” do, it wasn’t me. I didn’t feel confident or authentic and it showed in my images.

When I started saying yes to newborns, I made my clients bring their week-old baby outside. Why not? Whidbey is such a beautiful backdrop, right? But sometimes it was a little too windy, or too cold (okay, a lot of the time).

And then I started reading about and studying “lifestyle” newborn sessions. This new style was just that – a slice of life. A look at those first days and weeks when the whole world revolves around the activities of the tiny new human who now lives across the hall. And it struck me that this felt right to me. It felt authentic. In the daze of routines and the lack of sleep, those moments can be easily lost. Little details can be forgotten. I wanted to help my clients remember those first days, and all the love and emotion they felt when they brought their baby home.

I’m so grateful to Erika and Bradford for allowing me into their home to meet their 8-days-new daughter Bristol. We captured mama changing diapers, daddy rubbing noses with his little girl, even the pup sniffing his new sister. And the beautiful baby Bristol, who is so aware of everything around her and so very comfortable in her mama’s arms.

I hope you can feel the same love and amazement that I felt in their home, watching this family’s new chapter unfold. And thanks for letting me share my heart with you friends. I’m so excited to see where this year leads.