A Holiday Homecoming | NAS Whidbey Island Homecoming Photographer

Can you imagine leaving behind your baby girl – your first-born – just a few months after her birth to go halfway across the world and do your job? That’s just what Jeff did – what thousands of brave men and women do every year. But last week Jeff came home. Home to his loving, caring wife Ashley. Home to his beautiful, not-so-little baby girl.

Military homecomings are such a blessing to shoot. Seriously. It’s a unique and special experience to capture so much love and relief in one place. The feeling of joy is palpable. And I couldn’t be happier for Ashley, as her world became whole again when Jeff touched down.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Ashley over the past year and am constantly in awe of her strength and perseverance. She’s an amazing mama, works from home, and has a growing photography business on the side. And she’s an all-around awesome person. I’m thrilled to call her my friend, and am so happy that she and Jeff get to start their new year together.

Congrats Olson family, and thank you for your service. Welcome home.