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Finding Myself Again - February 365 Project | Whidbey Island Family Photographer

For most people, January is the start of a new year. I like to think of February as my own personal starting line. Maybe it’s the holiday hangover that creeps into January, or the optimism of resolutions that keep me dreaming all month, but for me personally, reality sets in on February 1st, and the short month FLIES by before I know it.

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A Month of Firsts - January 365 Project | Whidbey Island Family Photographer

I just completed my first month of my 365 Project, and I don’t feel like throwing my camera out the window. #winning! A “365 Project” is photographer-speak for taking a picture a day for a year. And if that sounds easy, it’s actually not. Because you definitely don’t take just one picture a day (at least I don’t). You take 50, or 400 pictures a day, and then you cull, edit, organize, and repeat.

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