Finding Myself Again - February 365 Project | Whidbey Island Family Photographer

For most people, January is the start of a new year. But I like to think of February as my own personal starting line.

Maybe it’s the holiday hangover that creeps into January, or the optimism of resolutions that keep me dreaming all month, but for me personally reality sets in on February 1st, and the short month FLIES by before I know it.

Thankfully I had two wonderful trips to start and end the month on. First up, I went to my fifth(!) Click Away conference in California. It was a wonderful week, where I got to connect with wonderful friends, nerd out on all things photography, and gain SO MUCH INSPIRATION that my head is still spinning. I took classes on marketing, Lightroom, Instagram, shooting in harsh midday sun, shooting family sessions indoors with only a crack of light, and the art of self-portraiture. Our keynote speaker Amanda Lucidon, who was Michelle Obama’s official White House photographer, spoke on the need to be unafraid and unapologetic. It was an amazing conference that I feel so lucky to have been able to attend (again!).

And I finished the month with my annual “MadBra” gals’ weekend in Palm Springs. This is our eleventh year traveling to a new city, and Palm Springs was such a cool spot! My head exploded during our trip to Joshua Tree - it is definitely as cool as everyone says! Beyond the site-seeing and fancy restaurants, I reconnected with three women who KNOW ME. They know my heart. And they know how great my mom dance moves are. They are incredible women who I aspire to be like every day.

If this incredible month taught me anything, it’s that I am exactly the person I was meant to be. I feel more and more like I have found my voice, and I’m slowly pushing aside all the negative thoughts that want to quiet that voice. I am so excited for this year. Bring it on.

Here’s a look at February through my lens (yes - month two of my 365 project also happened!). Woo hoo!