Party of Five Morning Newborn Lifestyle Session | Whidbey Island Newborn Photographer

A head full of hair. A bed full of snuggles. A tummy full of cinnamon rolls. 

I spent the morning documenting this beautiful family and all the change and excitement that comes with welcoming a new member of the family into your home.

Baby Gavin is such an adorable, sweet little soul, and big bro and sis are clearly taken with him. Big sis Vera loves to tickle Gavin's toes and watch him in his crib. And big bro Vince likes to stay close to mom every time she's holding the baby, reminding her that he's still the baby too. 

Parents Kara and Jeff are taking it all in stride, enjoying every moment with their new baby boy, who brings their family closer together, filling in a missing piece they didn't know they had. 

This session was so fun and rewarding to document. I tried to capture the moments that may seem mundane now - breakfast as a family, changing diapers, watching the baby kick his legs and explore his surroundings. But these moments need to be frozen in time, to be looked back on and remembered all the same. 

Welcome home baby Gavin. You are so loved little man.