Fair Winds and Following Seas | Whidbey Island Family Photographer

I'm still in denial that I'm not going to be grabbing margaritas with this beautiful mama anytime soon.

The VR-61 family was so blessed to know, work, and play with the McColloughs. As the outgoing CO (Skipper) of the squadron, Gabe was my hubby Ryan’s boss, and his awesome wife Lindsey was the chief-party-planner of our spouse’s club. She made a huge effort to be here and support the spouses in our squadron, even though her home (and often kiddos) were in the Midwest.

Last memories on Whidbey

During the busy Change of Command weekend in early fall we carved out an hour or two to go play on base and get some pictures of the whole family. They are such a sweet and fun bunch, and are all (clearly) in love with their newest addition, baby Emma. And how could you not be! She’s so precious!

I caught up with Lindsey a few weeks ago to see if she needed anything from me, and she mentioned that she had recently changed out the pictures in her house and hung the new ones up, which everyone had noticed and was loving - especially the kids! The best thing to hear was how seeing the pictures affected Lindsey on a daily basis.

What a difference a picture makes

She explained, “The photos are a total mood lifter to me, especially the ones we blew up and hung near our television in the family room. When Gabe and I are drained from the day staring at the TV before bed I find myself smiling and looking at the photos of the kids and feeling warm fuzzies in my heart.”

That is so awesome to hear, and definitely the best benefit of having a portrait session of your whole family. Don’t let your pictures just sit on your computer! I found a lot of my clients were doing just that (except this smart cookie right here), which is why I’ve recently changed things up so that all of my clients now walk away with digitals, prints, and ready-to-hang wall art as part of their photo session with me.

Help me, Help You

Because if you’re not as organized and on top of things as Lindsey (and no one is, trust me!), you need a little extra help getting your pictures printed and hung on your wall. Learn more about my new products and services here. And while you’re at it - get on my calendar for this spring or summer! Sessions are already booking up!

Lindsey and Gabe - thank you for everything you did to support our squadron and spouses. And anytime you want to trade Emmas for a few days, you know where I live. Your baby is seriously the cutest!!

Speaking of Babies…

No, no, I’m not pregnant. Ha! That would be wild though! Family photography is definitely my jam, and although the occasional indoor newborn session helps keep me on my toes, I’m always in awe of the magic that newborn photographers bring to their studio sessions. So I want to shout out an amazing photographer who does the whole newborn photography thing (and does it so well!). Check out Channon Williamson as she answers your Newborn Sessions Perth Frequently asked Questions. You will love her work, and will learn a little something too!