Hurricane Ridge Family Mountain Session | Seattle Family Adventure Photographer

This session was such a game changer for me.

First of all, I love this woman. Whitney took our family pictures on Whidbey Island last year, and they are so beautiful that they cover most of the wall space that was left in my home (I may have a “hanging pictures on my wall problem” - or else I need a bigger house!). Ever since then we stayed in touch and developed both a personal and professional friendship as we are both photographers, military spouses, and mamas to two wild and awesome kiddos.

When Whitney contacted me early this summer to try and set up a time to come shoot her family at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park, I immediate said yes, although I hardly ever leave Whidbey Island and had never shot a family session on a mountain before. And since my fam hadn’t yet visited Hurricane Ridge since moving to Washington (four years ago!), I asked if we could find a time when we could trade family photo sessions. Which is easier said then done when the military determines your schedule! We finally found the perfect weekend to trade sessions over two nights, but of course those plans fell through, so we “made it work” in true photographer fashion and shot each other’s sessions the same night, in one hour. Not each - total.

And besides Sophie falling down in the parking lot and busting up her arm, and Emma having to go potty in the woods with a very interested mama deer coming to inspect what was going on, we did in fact make it work. Whitney took such beautiful pictures of us, and I was desperate to make sure she loved her images as much as I loved mine.

Even with the time crunch, the hiking, and shooting in a dress and high-heel wedges, it was one of the easiest sessions I’ve ever shot. Whitney and her family were so natural and lovely - they were an absolute dream to work with. And the scenery didn’t hurt.

Thank you friend, for breaking me out of Whidbey Island and letting me try a new view. It did not disappoint.