A Summer Homecoming | NAS Whidbey Island Homecoming Photographer

Every time I shoot a homecoming, I know three things are going to happen. First, I know that this session will be one-of-a-kind - as unique and special as the family I'm documenting. Second, I know that everything about the session (day, time, weather, location) are completely out of my control. And finally, I know that I am going to walk away from the session a different person. 

There is nothing like witnessing a family reunited. A family who has had very little control over the length of time they have been separated, or even how much they were able to communicate during the separation. When James left for this deployment, he left to do his job and complete his mission. And he left knowing that his amazing wife Stephanie would take care of their three precious children, their youngest son born just weeks before the deployment began. 

I am so grateful that I can share the Boyd family's reunion here. In some small way, I'd love to think that sharing their story sheds light on the sacrifices military families make every day.  Happy homecoming Boyd family, and thank you (all of you!!) for your service.