A Morning at Home | Whidbey Island Lifestyle Family Photographer

Drinking cold coffee while bare feet pitter-patter around you. Reading books with two little bottoms curled up in your lap. Squishing play dough through your fingers as you try to keep it out of mouths. Pushing the tire swing in the front yard while you watch the wind blow their hair. Taking shoes off and on and on and off as they move from inside to outside to back inside. 

Kim's mornings with just two babes are numbered now. Soon they will have to share mommy with the new baby. And there will be that many more feet, and bottoms, and fingers, and mouths to care for. And to love.

It was such a blessing to document a sweet morning at home with Kimberlee and her kiddos, not only because I adore her work (check it out here!), but also because I loved seeing her as a working mom in action. I can totally relate to the push and pull of balancing life as a stay-at-home mom while working in a creative field. Her pace may be slowing with baby expected to join the family this fall, but she's also pursuing new creative adventures with her photography, including teaching online courses through Cole's Classroom

Whatever Kim chooses to put her time and energy into - whether it's playtime with kiddos during the day, or work at night and nap times - one thing is for sure. This woman is insanely gifted and leaves the world a more beautiful place.