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Fort Ebey Sunset Session | Kara Chappell Photography | Washington Family Photographer

This family has been one of my faves ever since they moved across the street from us two years ago. Okay, we already had an awesome neighborhood, but the DuBois fam definitely added to the fun. And now that we know them and love them, of course the military would move them!!

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A Time Out With the Girls | Whidbey Island Family Photographer

If photographers were accountants, the fall would be our tax season. It's just crazy, y'all. And yes, I fully realize that I'm a big girl and can say no, but there's this feeling that I should say yes, that I should take advantage of filling up my calendar while I can. Before the rain sets in and the temperature drops and people stop asking.

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Saying Goodbye to Whidbey | Whidbey Island, WA Family Photographer

This session reminded me why I absolutely LOVE to photograph families. The energy the kids bring, the love mom and dad gush out on their kiddos, the joy everyone has being outside and being together - it gives me all the feels people. Carrie and Eric are givers. They serve in so many areas of their lives, and are such amazing examples of love and compassion for their kids.

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