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“Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary - it’s an act of infinite optimism.” - Gilda Radner

Whidbey Island Motherhood Mini Sessions

Love is at the heart of what I do. Love and mamas.

Mamas give. And give. We don't ask for much, and often put the needs of our family above our own. We see the light in our friends WAY before we acknowledge it in ourselves. We doubt our beauty. We doubt our talent. We doubt our strengths.

This is why I do Motherhood Mini Sessions

I want YOU, mama, to feel beautiful. I want you to feel the tiny arms of your daughter around your neck and see the goodness you've poured into her. I want you to see the way your baby makes you smile. And remember the way your son wants to curl up in your lap and be rocked back and forth. Because you deserve it, mama.

You deserve to feel loved.

I don’t do family mini sessions. A while back I got the good advice that you shouldn’t give away your premium service. And that’s what family sessions are to me. They are what I pour my time and energy into. They are what I want to be known for, and what I want to continue to grow in and push myself to be better.

Motherhood Minis are the perfect fit

The timing, right before Mother’s Day, lends itself to a gift - either to yourself or from a loved one. Living in a military town, there are so many amazing mamas who are solo parenting for the better part of a year. And why should they wait for family pictures? Why shouldn’t they document their family as they are in this moment?

That’s exactly what these mamas did. They got in the frame.

They created proof of their love for their children, and visa versa. These mamas let go of their insecurities and focused on their babies. They accepted the fact that they are worth the gift of love that these sessions gave to both themselves and their children.

These women include a mother-to-be, about to meet her son for the first time. A mother whose daughter talks to animals and who is solo parenting while her best friend is deployed. A mother raising a beautiful, kind young man who shows his affection by making hearts with his hands to show his mama how much he loves her. A mama raising two strong girls, about to move cross-country for yet another military move, starting over but excited for the adventure. A mama raising three vibrant boys with so much patience and love, often while her husband is away for work or deployed. And finally, a mama raising TWO sets of twins, who also happens to be my bestie and who inspires me everyday to be a more present and loving mother.

These women are freaking rockstars.

And they also happen to be amazing, beautiful, beloved mothers.

To get on my list for Motherhood Mini Sessions, or to get in the frame with ALL of your people, contact me here and let me know what your dream session looks like.

(p.s. I’m sharing a link below to an amazing photographer who recently captured an incredible Fresh 48 NICU session. Scroll to the end to access the link.)

As promised, go check out Minneapolis Fresh 48 and NICU Photographer Michele Quattrin, who is sharing a beautiful, touching Fresh 48 NICU session. The image of big brother’s finger holding his baby sister’s hand had me in tears.

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