A Night in Georgetown | Whidbey Island Family Photographer

Now that Ryan has been in the airlines for about two years, I’m starting to take advantage of the non-rev perks and plan a few trips here and there when our schedules allow for it.

We found a weekend that worked where I could go see a few friends in D.C. and shoot a few sessions last month. Friend time and time to recharge my creative batteries? A total win-win, right? I love getting out of my comfort zone. Okay - it stresses me out (more than) a bit, but it’s good for me to get uncomfortable once in a while and work in places I’ve never visited or scouted. It’s healthy for me to switch it up and get my creative juices flowing working in urban settings over my normal forest and beach backdrops.

Plus there’s the bonus of working with one of my best friends ever. I’ve know Laura since our JO tour in Kailua, Hawaii. After dating long-distance for 3+ years, Ryan and I had recently completed post-graduate school, gotten hitched, and moved to a small island where we knew no one. I’d soon learn that this way of life was typical for a military spouse, but I had several close friends on that tour who helped hold my hand and loved me when I needed it most. And Laura was at the top of that list.

We now catch up once a year on our annual “MadBra” girls’ weekend. I think we’re in our 12th or 13th year (it’s easy to lose count), and we’re seriously going so strong. We all look forward to this trip so much as a chance to recharge and catch up. And whether we hear about each other’s lives over the phone or over cocktails at MadBra, visiting a friend in person and spending time in her home and with her family is a whole different and amazing experience.

Laura is one of the strongest people I know. And the kindest. And most athletic. And she’s an amazing mama. Also she’s gorgeous. Okay, so I’m a fan! Being able to work with her and her incredible boys (who I held as babies), filled up my bucket and left me feeling grateful for the wonderful role models I have in my life (I’m looking at you woman).

My friend has built a home for her family here. She has carved out a life here. And she has found herself here. I can’t wait until the next visit.

This woman right here just keeps getting better.