Bowman Bay Fall Family Session | Whidbey Island Family Photographer

I met Carly and Bobby last fall, when we squeezed in the last possible photo session of the season. And it was COLD. Like, had to wear coats, seeking shelter indoors cold. They were amazing troopers, but we knew that this year we wanted warmth, sun, and clear skies.

And as I’m catching up on blogging sessions (hello busy season!), their gallery takes me back to the last days of summer.

This session was important for Carly to remember Whidbey Island and their time here, as they are about to start a new chapter and relocate to California to be closer to family.

She wanted those Whidbey views. She wanted to show who her family is, and how they love each other. After I delivered the gallery, she wrote me this sweet note. I’m not trying to toot my own horn here (well, maybe a little - toot toot!). But I genuinely want each client to feel emotional seeing their family together in the frame. That’s my goal - every time.

Carly wrote: “You captured my family the way I see us - the pride in my husband's eyes, the mischievous laugh of my daughter - I cannot even begin to describe how perfect they are. I can hardly continue looking at them because I will start crying at work! I texted my husband one of the pictures of me and Sierra and he said, "That photo makes me so happy.” My husband is a man of few words and is NOT a fan of taking family photos, so for him to say that is a huge deal. Thank you for this precious gift. These really mean the world to me.”

Goodbye friends! You will be missed!