A Family Adventure at Deception Pass | Whidbey Island Family Photographer

When Elise contacted me to see if I could take her family's pictures during a recent trip from Utah to Whidbey Island, I was so happy that it worked out - and not just because they brought me chocolate (chocolate!). It was a hazing, golden night at Deception Pass State Park, with smoke from the B.C. wildfires hanging in the air, giving us a radiant sunset.

On top of this stunning backdrop, I was lucky enough to document one of the most beautiful families (inside and out) that I've ever met. And what an amazing bunch they are. They lovingly call dad Gabe the hobbit, because he is almost always without shoes, exploring with his girls and enjoying nature and gardening. Elise is more of the shoe-wearing type, and loves reading and photographing dancers (she used to be one as well). 

Their girls Maggie and Eleanor are such sweet sisters, and were as adventurous and kind as their parents. We climbed trees and danced on the beach and honestly spent an hour just getting to know each other. Elise swore they were all terrible posers, which I didn't mind at all since I spend more time trying to get people to look away from me than towards me. 

This was easily one of my favorite family sessions of the year. The ease and grace this family has just being around each other is infectious. I hope they come back and visit Whidbey Island again soon.