A Day on the Farm | Whidbey Island, WA Family Photographer

The Thompson family recently started a new chapter in a new home. A home that comes with space for their boys to run. A home for throwing leaves and chasing chickens and riding horses. A home with a view. And a soul.

Kelly and Jim have been dreaming and searching and praying for this new space for a while. And when the perfect place presented itself, they knew it was time. They haven't been here that long, and pointed out the projects to come and the ideas they have for each new space as we walked around their fields - but I could tell that they were settled. That their new home fit.

The boys have taken to their new digs as well, and loved showing me their chickens and baby turkeys, pointing out which ones were nice and which I should steer clear of. They quickly recited each animal's name, and showed me how they cared for them and the right way to hold them.

I met Kelly's horses and took to Miss Rosie immediately, although she wasn't sure what to think about getting her picture taken. Then we walked down the hill to watch the sun set and I got to sit back and just watch these four amazing souls love on each other.

With all the hope and possibilities that come with this new chapter, I can already tell that for the Thompsons - this new chapter is going to be one of the best yet.