Getting in the Frame | Anacortes, WA Family Photographer

Working with the Moeser family was really a dream for me. Not only did I get to work with a photographer who has been a mentor of sorts to me over the past two years, but I got the chance to put HER in the frame. As photographers, we do a pretty good job of documenting our children's lives, but we never get in the frame as much as we'd like to. We cherish photos that show the love and connection between others, but we don't often have enough showing our love for and by our people.

Lindsay is an amazing photographer whose work I have followed for years. Since moving to Whidbey, we've developed a friendship and Lindsay is always there to send inspiration and love my way. She's truly the definition of community over competition. So when Lindsay asked if I would take her beautiful family's pictures, I jumped at the chance. And then promptly freaked out.

Because I wanted to do my best, and give her gorgeous images she'd want to fill up her home with. When I arrived at our location (once the rain stopped), I realized just how easy my job was going to be. All I had to do was sit back and watch this amazing family love on each other.

I love my job.