The Day Daddy Came Home | NAS Whidbey Island, WA Homecoming Photographer

The older kids saw him first. Peering across the flight line, trying to pick him out amongst a mass of similar flight suits. As he moved out from the crowd gathered under the plane, Luke and Drew bolted for him. Their adrenaline taking over, the boys raced to catch him first, nearly tackling him to the ground. Keira squealed in delight and quickly ran behind her brothers straight towards him. Daddy.

Mom walked more slowly towards the plane, holding their youngest son's hand as he looked worriedly down at the ground. Just three years old, Mark held back, unsure where to look and what to think. But as Dad scooped him up, spinning him around and kissing his cheeks, he clutched on tightly to Daddy's neck, a huge grin spreading across his face as the excitement washed over him. 

Then it was Meghan's turn. This amazing mama, who raises four kiddos while working from home and supporting Ben in his career. No matter where that career takes him or for how long. They embraced and kissed - sharing a look and briefly touching foreheads before quickly making room for children who clearly needed more hugs. More proof that this was real life. That after six months he was home again. To help with homework, play catch, learn to tap dance, and give high-fives for potty training successes. 

Days like this are almost more than my mama heart can take. Almost.

Thank you Anderson family for your service! Happy homecoming!!