An Evening Walk in the Woods | Whidbey Island Family Photographer

This sweet family is such a fun, vibrant bunch of awesome people. They laugh loudly and love intensely. It was so easy to show them having fun, because I swear they always are! 

I was lucky enough to work with the Carmona family last years well, on a fun family session at Fort Casey State Park. This fall we squeaked in a session before it got too cold, although Myranda was fully prepared with these amazing little hand warmers that everyone snuck into their shoes and pockets. Genius! 

Both mom and dad serve in the Navy, so time together is precious. And their time on Whidbey Island is drawing to a close as well, which is sad for me since they are also my neighbors. We've been so fortunate to move onto a street with such awesome families. They will be missed for sure, and I hope these images remind them of their family's time here on Whidbey Island.