Penn Cove Family Beach Session | Whidbey Island Family Photographer

Holy cow - this family was such a dream to work with!! I love, love, love me some energetic, rambunctious little girls (I wonder why??), and Piper definitely made this session so much fun for me. She did plenty of snuggling with mom, dad, and little brother, Garrett, but we also had fun looking for bugs and shells, running and jumping, and throwing rocks in the water. 

Mom Amber won a session I donated to the NAS Whidbey Island Time and Talent fundraiser last spring, and she really picked the perfect time to cash in on her family portrait session. We met at a beautiful beach on Penn Cove on one of the last summer nights, and enjoyed a cool breeze and a warm Washington sun. We've been lucky enough to experience a late summer season here on Whidbey Island, and every day that the sun shines and the rain stays away feels like a gift. 

Recently reunited after a lengthy deployment, you could tell that just being together felt like a gift to this beautiful family. They have thrived in so many different places and situations, but this chapter in their family's life feels just about perfect.