Feel a little overwhelmed by family photos?

Let me help you!

Family photo sessions are about creating a memory, not about getting everyone to stiffly stand in a line with their hair combed perfectly.  Just like families, our sessions are filled with laughter, movement, noise, and emotions.  

One of the kids being shy or melting down over something silly?  No worries, some of my favorite photos are of parents comforting a child down on their level.  

Husband a little grumpy about being dragged out of the house for photos?  I'll bring beef jerky!  Just kidding, but I'll set you up to have fun as a family.

My job is to make sure all you have to do is set up a time and show up looking your best.  Everything else is on me!  Even after the sessions, I'm available to help you order prints, design, gallery walls, and more!