Capturing your family's story —

every step of the way.

Military Homecomings

Homecomings are my favorite events to document. With so much excitement and emotion bubbling over the surface, it’s hard to avoid tearing up as little boys and girls sprint across the flight line into their daddy’s arms. It’s a big deal. And it deserves to be documented, preserved, and cherished.

Fine Arts School Portraits

Looking for a handcrafted approach to your school’s pictures? Well look no further. I bring the FUN to school picture day!


I don't just create images for you, I create images for me as well. And for my family. I yearn to leave a lasting legacy for my girls. So they can hold on to their childhood, and see with their own eyes how lovely and loved they are.


Digitals to Prints

Listen, I get it. You want the digitals. And you’ll get digitals! And while I completely understand the need to have your favorite images in digital form so you share them online and use them as your screen saver, I want your pictures to bring you and your family joy everyday. And that only happens if you see them everyday.