I want to leave behind a visual legacy for my girls, to show them how loved and cherished they are. These moments are my love for my children, poured into images. They are an attempt to freeze time and remember our life together. To remember how little they were, and how they felt, hurt, played, and loved. To give my girls the tools they need to tell our story to their own children some day.


the cast



Pilot. Jayhawk. All-around stud muffin. We've know each other since college, and each year honestly gets better and better. I'd say I’m lucky to have found him. (He'd say the same). Our life isn't always easy, but I couldn't imagine spending it with anyone else.



Seven years old. Vibrant. My first baby. God gave me the best gift when he made me Sophie's mama. She's artistic, kind, and always (always) happy. She wants to be an art teacher when she grows up, and excels at any sport she tries (proof that she's Ryan's kid too).



Five years old. Spirited. My last baby. This little nugget tests me every day. But if I'm being honest, her "fire" comes from the many strong traits we share. She's energetic, silly, and a serious ham. She sings her feelings and shares my sweet dance moves.