Hey there! I’m Kara. Let’s be friends.


Life isn’t perfect, and that’s okay. I don’t want to take perfectly posed pictures, with everyone looking at the camera like an ad out of a catalogue. I want to capture images of families who love each other so deeply that it seeps into the frame. 

I want to create a gallery for your family that tells the story of YOU. Images that show you how beautiful you are and how loved you are, mama. Sessions that feel as fun for your family as they do for me, and make your hubby and kids ask to do it again.

I’m a mama to two vibrant little girls (Sophie and Emma), and a wife to an amazing man (Ryan) who is often jet-setting as an airline pilot or a Navy reservist. I try to hold our schedules together while rocking a job I L-O-V-E for myself on the side, and I (mostly) make it work.

In between cheering for my girls on the soccer field and playing Legos or house, my greatest joy in life comes from working with families. Family photography is my jam. I love it so stinking much, and I feel happiest when I capture real joy and connection in an image. 

I believe...

I believe in being authentic.

I believe in showing women how lovely and loved they are.

I believe in imperfections.

I believe that every family has a unique story.

I believe in leaving physical proof for children of how much their family loved them.

I believe that art can change the world.

I believe that taking family pictures can be FUN.

Client Love


“I Couldn’t be happier with the entire experience.”

“Kara is an absolutely amazing photographer. She is incredibly talented and was so sweet and professional during our session. I always feel uncomfortable having pictures done and she made it simple and relaxing. All of our images look so natural. I couldn't be happier with the entire experience.”

- Suzanne


Family pictures can (and should) be fun. 

You don't have to worry about the where, the when, or even what you're wearing. You don't have to stress that your family resembles one of those "awkward family pictures" when you all try to look at the camera and smile. And I promise you won't feel uncomfortable, wondering where to look or what to do.

Because we have FUN. Because I will hold your hand and help you pick the perfect location, time of day, and wardrobe. I will place you just where I want you, tell you what to do, and give you prompts that bring to life the connection and love that is unique to your family. I have a mental checklist for all the shots I want to get, but I also let you laugh and be silly and make memories. I even make it easy to order gorgeous, professional prints after your session that will make you smile every day. 


My “Why”

My house is covered with gallery walls, framed prints, and albums. My children get to see the love we feel for them every. single. day. It’s all around them. It makes them happy. And it makes me happy too.

Get to know me a little better

fun facts

I get my family pictures taken every year so that I can be in your shoes. I get the stress-sweats, obsess about outfits, and bribe the kids with ponies to get them to behave. I’m always relieved when it’s over, and overjoyed when I see my awesome, crazy family together in the frame.


My journey to motherhood brought me my lowest lows and highest highs. After several miscarriages and years of trying, we finally had Sophie. And then we got it right on the first try with Emma (they are 20 months apart!). I try not to take a day for granted, but they are growing up too fast and I long to document their childhood before it slips away.


I’m a Cornhusker. That’s right! I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and since all of my family still lives there, the girls and I travel back every summer to soak up some fun in the sun with our cousins.


My one gift in life is telling fart jokes to toddlers. I’m just really, really good at it. And it serves me well in school photography.  


I could eat pizza for every meal, every day for the rest of my life. I shouldn’t. But I could. 


I struggled with self-love when I was younger, which is why it’s so important for me to show and tell my girls how lovely and loved they are.